Expanding Your Workforce Options in 2015

jeudi 1 janvier 2015

Susan Matus, Director, RPO Center of Excellence 

Advances in technology and the employment landscape have changed our lives, our businesses, and how we do our work. The question is: how can we leverage these changes for a better 2015? 

Think Beyond the Full Time Employee (FTE)
While there remains a need for FTEs in many roles, an increasing amount of work can be produced by leveraging a flexible workforce to meet your demands in terms of scalability, project work, and/or specialized skill sets that are only needed part time.

Go Virtual
Amplify your recruiting approach by considering the potential of a virtual workforce.  Much of today’s work can be done remotely using new technologies, and you can tap into a great deal of new talent when you are not restricted by where they reside.

Ask yourself this: in 2015, are you ready to embrace the opportunities that exist by creating a team that is comprised of a combination of FTEs, contractors, freelancers, in-house members and virtual members?  If so, you are well on your way to making 2015 your best year ever!

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